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As you might imagine, when I work on a book project, I sign a non-disclosure agreement not to reveal any information about the “author” or content of that book. However, some of my clients have graciously allowed me to use their comments and names. I thank them for their kind words. 

"Byron edited and partially rewrote my previously unpublishable book manuscript in about one month. My former colleagues at M.I.T. plan to use it as the foundation of a major fund-raising campaign. I rate him a consummate professional. His dedication to quality made the work all the more rewarding. "

Dean Horn

Former Director, M.I.T. Sea Grant College Program

"Byron and I had an Incredible connection. I was a rookie author. He was able to listen to my concerns and guide me into expressing my thoughts on the page. I have been extremely fortunate to work with him. He is more than a writer and editor, he is a true coach."

Dr. Michael Joyner 

Surgeon and Author of Forever My Daddy

"Wow! Your formulation of the proposal is incredibly brilliant! You have a magnetic and magical way with words. You maintained the integrity of my message throughout.

Dr. Elizabeth Garcia-Janis

Winner of the American Psychiatric Association Distinguished Fellow Award

"You have been awesome. There is a ‘Poetic and Eclectic’ feel woven within the material. I like it very much. Please continue that, and perhaps even expand upon it."

Dr. Ellie Drake

Motivational Speaker

"I owe a special debt of gratitude to Byron Laursen. He’s a magnificent storyteller, a great collaborator, and a truly wonderful person. I could have never finished my best-selling book without his tireless, brilliant, witty, insightful and kind help."

Zack Lynch

Founder & Executive Director of the Neurotechnology Industry Association

"My thoughts found their expression in Byron’s words. Many thanks to a true ‘Showtime’ warrior.’"

Pat Riley

President, Miami Heat

5-Time NBA Championship Coach

unnamed (3).jpeg

A great compilation of recipes from one of my favorite regions in the world.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Chef/Owner of Restaurants in NYC, Miami Beach, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo

"Thanks for your help in writing the script for my audiotape. I struggled for two weeks. You finished what I'd started in just four hours. Amen."

Marlene Elliot, CEO

Modern Management Enterprises

"You are the consummate PRO and the world should know it.

Diane Hanson, Ph.D.

"The Winner Within is the best memoir ever written by an athlete."

Chris Bosh

10-Time NBA All-Star

"Thanks for such a great job Byron. You are the best!"

Wolfman Jack

Legendary DJ

Star of American Graffiti

"Your talent and dedication were essential to the realization of this book."

Thomas J. Leonard

Author of The Portable Coach

"Byron edits in the soul and spirit of the writer. A pleasure to work with."

Dr. Ashis Brahma

Humanitarian, Co-Author of Utmost

"Thanks to your brilliant work, I'm now an award-winning author, and in demand for speeches! Working together was a pure joy!"

Sig Wathne

Founder, Sikama International

"Byron, you're terrific! The first draft is perfect! You always make it sound like I wrote it, which is great."

Dan Tudor

Tudor Wines

"This is remarkably accurate. To a T!  I wish that I could just HUG you!"

Jessyka Anne Freedom

"You breed great energy into this project, and it's very exciting that the book proposal you wrote for us was successful."

Dr. Neil Einbund, Ph.D

Co-Author Defenders of the Heart

"I was very worried about this speech, but this draft is THRU THE ROOF!!! You captured it. I am thrilled."

Carrol Van Stone

President, Visibility Bookings

"The entire vintage sold out in one week. One of my customers just called to say 'The newsletter is great. I would like to order some more wine because you touched me.'”

Paul Lato

Paul Lato Wines

"Absolutely awesome. Keep up the good work, sir."

Rodney Timms

Founder, Wester Flyer Xpress

"Byron is gifted in finding the right tone and style for a subject and transporting the reader into the material like few writers I've ever worked with or read.'”

Dr. Beebe Bahrami

Editor, Expedition Magazine, U. Penn

"In business or anywhere else, teamwork succeeds, and Pat Riley knows why. Read The Winner Within and you’ll know too."

Lodwrick M. Cook

Chairman & CEO, ARCO

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