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Editorial Reviews

An industry-insider publication, Kirkus Reviews only gives positive reviews when they are extremely well deserved. My collaborations have earned great reviews in Kirkus as well as Publishers Weekly, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune and elsewhere, and stellar reader reviews on Amazon.

"Inspiring …It is refreshing to read a sports book in which the (male) players unabashedly reveal vulnerability and soul. A dramatic, engaging book that cogently explains the success of one of modern America’s great sports franchises. Riley comes off like a literary lion in GQ clothes."

Kirkus Reviews

Show Time

"Reads like a collaboration between Mark Twain and Sergio Leone . . . 


The memoir (written with co-author Laursen) provides many entertaining accounts . . .Wolfman Jack makes a droll, infectiously enthusiastic raconteur of his own strange career."

Kirkus Reviews 

Have Mercy!

"Pat Riley’s success has created a challenge for every other coach and manager. Call it the Riley Standard."

New York Times

The Winner Within


"The writer and coach maintain an impressive sense of proportion, to be seen in vignettes of a family friend who survived a racking bout with breast cancer; the combat vet responsible for getting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., built; his father-in-law (a WWII submariner); and others whose triumphs have little to do with athletic glory. Engaging, down-to-earth advisories from a master of the game."

Kirkus Reviews

The Winner Within

I owe a special debt of gratitude to Byron Laursen. He’s a magnificent storyteller, a great collaborator, and a truly wonderful person. 

Zack Lynch

Founder & Executive Director of the Neurortechnology Industry Association

"Chapters 7 and 8 of his book, which describe how he put himself on the air as Wolfman Jack in 1963, suggest a white-hot rock & roll epic that draws on elements of “The Buddy Holly Story,” “The Wild Bunch,” and “Barbarians at the Gate.

Wolfman Jack has set himself a lofty goal; he vowed to tell it like it really is, an oft-quoted but seldom-realized credo of rock & roll. Happily, if amazingly, Wolfman Jack succeeded in getting it right, and just in time."

Los Angeles Times

Have Mercy!

"Should give any team leader a renewed feeling of confidence, sort of like sinking a three-pointer at the buzzer."


The Winner Within

"With his collaborator, Byron Laursen, Wolfman Jack records the vicissitudes of a life in pop music with gusto and soul; even as an author the Wolfman is “a happy-go-lucky cat, real hip, who just wanted to make people feel real good, feel nice and sexy and alive."

New York Times

Have Mercy!

"Even diehard Celtics fans might find inspiration here."

Boston Globe

Show Time

"Full of extraordinary showbiz tales, the book is a wide-open door into the heart and soul of the most interesting and lovable rock & roll animal on the planet.  (rating) A"

Entertainment Weekly

Have Mercy!

"Writing with Laursen (Show Time), Wolfman(‘s)... fast-paced story is peppered with generous tributes to the musicians  —  Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and a slew of others  —  who “supplied the original heart of rock ‘n’ roll.” Rock music fans will find inspiration."

Publishers Weekly

Have Mercy!

Amazon Reviews

The Portable Coach

“This is a very impressive work! As far as content’s concerned, this one’s got it. You can’t go wrong buying this one. It’s a gem.”

“This book is truly awesome…”

Show Time

“Mr. Riley has a wry sense of humor and his take on things makes this book a highly entertaining and insightful read.”

“I would highly recommend this book for anyone.”

“Very well written. Easy to apply to everyday life.”

The Winner Within

“I had zero State Championships before reading it and I have had six State Championships since reading and applying Pat Riley’s philosophy. If you are in business and you have not read this book you are losing money. If you are a coach and you have not read this book you are not winning as many games as you could.”

“Read this book with a highlighter handy. You will want to identify sections, quotes, and sayings that you will use in the future. This is one of my all-time favorite business books.”

“Excellently written, with real life examples all the way, it is invaluable. I have recommended this book not only to my office but to our training company that helps with team building.”

“This book will help you develop the habit of winning in your life.”

“This book allows one to feel honor in teamwork, and shows us how personally rewarding the dynamics of being on a great team can be. Excellent!”

Have Mercy!

“What a unique person. What a great life and book. A wonderful addition to any rock library.”

“A wild ride through an important era of broadcast history. It captures the renegade
spirit that led a few pirates and pioneers to take risks for entertainment’s sake. It does a superb job of describing the times. It’s a classic expose on pop culture. Have Mercy! is a roller coaster without seatbelts. I walked away exhausted from a really wild journey.”

“What a book! It will make a great movie.”

“The spirit of Wolfman Jack lives on in this book. He always took it to the edge. He
makes you want to hear more.”

“Should be required reading for anyone in radio today! I never got to hear the Wolfman
on the air, but because of this book I consider myself one of his biggest fans.”

“This is Rock and Roll at its best.”

“This motivational book was the best I have ever read.”

True Thai

“This is the required textbook for my Thai cooking class.”

“I have read and used it at length for years, learning something new about the food and culture every time.”

“My favorite cookbook. It’s simply amazing.”

“If you want to cook real Thai, this is the book.”

“I love Thai food, and let me tell you, this book is right on the money.”

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