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Memoir & Life Story Ghostwriter

I specialize in ghostwriting memoirs, life stories and legacy books. People from all walks of life retain me to capture their cherished personal histories, individual milestones and life lessons in book form. These can be intended for family and friends only, to inspire people of all walks of life, or to pass along vital personal histories and life guidance to children and grandchildren.

I also ghostwrite hybrid memoir/life and business stories that combine not only an individual’s personal life, but his or her business life and accomplishments.

For most people, writing a memoir seems a daunting task, perhaps downright impossible. Many people I meet and work with have been thinking about this challenge for quite some time. Friends often tell them, “You must write your life story! It is so interesting, and you have so much to pass along to others.” —And yet, these well meaning and often frustrated people just don’t know where to begin.

I am that beginning and I can show you how rewarding the experience can be with me as your guide, coach, co-writer, and confidant.


A New 40 Second Video You Must Watch

What's The Secret Ingredient to
Great Ghostwriting?

You tell me your stories and I do all the heavy lifting of organizing and outlining, drawing out the best of your experiences and knowledge, and then capturing your unique voice on the printed pages of your life story—all through interviews, your archives, and my own original writing when needed.

Now that you know the basic collaboration premise of ghostwriting, take 40 seconds to view the video above and then browse the other pages of this site for important answers and details. (Testimonials and Reviews is a good place to start.)

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