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Why Byron

As a good ghostwriter, I assume many roles while working with a client. I must be versatile, compassionate, a good interviewer, a seeker of truth and a great storyteller able to capture my client’s emotions, memories and intellect. I must be an exceptionally good writer, but even more importantly, a good thinker. (We only write as well as we think.)

Interpreting the memories and thoughts of someone telling their life or business story requires  continuous, unrelenting clarity of thought. It requires exceptional time management skills. It requires a tuned organizational mind, strong business acumen and a very reliable memory.

This is what I do  
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There is also a sort of magic to it all. A memoir ghostwriter wears many hats, but one specific trait is vital: the ability to see beyond the everyday responsibilities of ghostwriting to the magic of creating wonderful prose; interpreting someone else’s story so that it is them through and through while also developing a style, tone and mood for their story.


I love it! It's perfect! I can't wait to get this book out to the fans."

Wolfman Jack

Legendary DJ

Star of American Graffiti

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